Add Text For Your Artwork
Text Feature
MyBrushses for Mac provides you "Text" feature to decorate your paintings with more beautiful text to make your artwork more content-rich. Use Text to create simple RTF text objects. Set the font, size, style, border, spacing and color, select and position them, change their transparency, and use Edit Text Layer to modify them.
Add and Edit Text with MyBrushes for Mac?
Preparation: Free Download for iPad and Mac Paint for Mac App Free Download
1: Adding Text
* Lauch MyBrushes for Mac,Tap in the tool panel to access Edit Text Layer
* Use the editing tools to make changes to the text. You can set the font, size, style, border, spacing and color.
2: Text Property
1. Select text tool in tool panel, you will see the text editor
2. Show your text
3. Click to get Font editor
4. Left / Center / Right
5. Click to get Color Editor
6. Click to get Text Border Editor
7. Click to get Text Style Editor
8. Text Spacing
3: Editing Text

Font Editor:
1 Text Underline
2 Text Strikethrough
3 Text Color
4 Document Color
5 Add a new Collection
6 Delete the selected Collection
7 Collection Setting
8 Search Box for text family

• Collections – Manage the list of fonts that appear in Family and see only the fonts you want. Create custom font collections. Use default sets to load only fun fonts or ones with fixed width. Load only your favorite fonts or those recently used.
• Family – Select a font from the list. If a font family is not listed, change the Collections option to All Fonts.
• Typeface – Choose from Condensed, Condensed, Italic, Bold Condensed, Bold Condensed Italic typefaces.
• Size – Set the size of the text.

Color Editor:
1. Tabs (various methods for picking colors):
Choose a hue or tints and the value (light).
Specify a color using color gradients, such as gray scale, RGB,
CMYK, or HSB values.
Choose from a lists of colors (Apple, Developer, Crayons, Web
Safe), or create your own list of colors.
Choose a color from a spectrum of hues and values.
Pick from 48 colors displayed as a box of crayons.
2. Swatch (current color)
3. Slider
4. Customized palette
5. Color Wheel
6. Magnifying glass (color picker)

Pick a Color from the Screen
Tap to change the cursor to . Move over and tap a color on your screen.

Text Border Editor
Text Style Editor

Change Text Spacing
Just change text spacing with on the text property panel

Move Text
Drag the text, you can move them to anywhere on the TEXT EDITING LAYER!

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