Custom your Color Panel!
You can choose your favorite color from a huge assortment of colors and create custom colors or capture them from your canvas with MyBrushes. Enjoy your digital painting process!
How to use Color Panel of MyBrushes?
Preparation: Free Download Paint for Mac App Free Download
1. Lauch MyBrushes, Tap color picker on Mac from the toolbar of MyBrushes for iPad or tap Color on color picker on Mac of Mybrushes for Mac to access "Layer Panel"
2. Layer Panel Interface Summary

MyBrushes for iPad:
1 Saved Swatch
2 Switch Colors between HSV and RGB
3 Color Picker
4 Hexadecimal Color Value
5 Color Value
6 Save a Color as a Swatch
7 Currently Selected Color

MyBrushes for Mac:
1 Current Color
2 Slider
3 Customized palette
4 Add your favorite color
5 Color Wheel

3. Detailed operation about Color Panel

MyBrushes for ipad:

Saving a Color
Saving a Color
When it’s important to keep a particular color, save it as a swatch for quick access later. Below the color value you’ll notice a grid. This is a swatch palette. To save the currently selected color tap an empty swatch in the swatch palette.
Selecting a Saved Color
Tapping a saved swatch will load that color, ready for use!
Removing Unwanted Swatches
When you’re done with a particular swatch, remove it from your palette.
Delete Your Swatch
Tap and hold on the unwanted swatch, drag it outside the Color panel and let go. The swatch will fall off-screen and be permanently deleted.
Delete Your Swatch

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